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Hong Kong Home Rates Went Up at Fastest in 13 Months

The report relies on the findings of a poll conducted among 200 corporate property leaders in the Asia Pacific area.

In their opinion, working at home won’t replace offices. The vast majority of CRE leaders think they’ll maintain or raise overall footprint and amount of websites from the medium to long term. 76% of these anticipate steady or moderate rationalisation of property portfolios, together with people in Australia and Hong Kong concentrated on continuous rationalisation while people in India anticipating rapid and massive rationalisation.

JLL foresees four consequences for commercial property at the post-pandemic era. First, health and wellbeing will be prioritised and will change the real estate portfolio combination.

Secondly, there’ll also be a mixture of property plans to attain the de-densification of office area, which involves a reconfiguration of distances. Third, engineering will be crucial in enabling the achievement of new working versions.

Last, the greater incidence of remote working will affect future CRE investments. Leaders will consider busy investment in technology which optimises productivity and cooperation among remote and onsite workforces.