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Earnings fell 16% to $208.5m within precisely the exact same period.

This was mostly attributed to the fall in donations from promoting Ascott Raffles Place Singapore and Somerset West Lake Hanoi, in addition to weaker earnings from the present portfolio.

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This was partly offset by the additional income donation from consolidating with Ascendas Hospitality Trust at December 2019, along with the purchase of Quest Macquarie Park Sydney and Citadines Connect Sydney Airport at February 2020 and May 2019 respectively.

Distribution per stapled security for its interval is 105 pennies, decreasing 69% YoY compared to 3.43 pennies in H1 2019. ART chose to keep about 15% ($5m) of its earnings available for distribution, as leasing negotiations continue to be continuing and the firm may grant additional rental deferment or waivers to encourage a number of its renters.

Throughout the first half of this year, 21 of ART’s possessions temporarily closed because of government mandate or feeble lodging requirement. But, lower operating costs from cost containment and government assistance steps helped offset its effect.

Whilst 12 possessions have reopened and seven more are scheduled to reopen in 3Q 2020, ART expressed its operators and lessees are still confront operating challenges caused by the outbreak.

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