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Homebuyers are able to look forward to quicker access to public housing as the Housing and Development Board (HDB) will eliminate all the Re-Offer of Balance Flats (ROF) exercises, also declared Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong at Parliament on Wednesday (4 March).

Rather, Clavon Singapore, new GLS condo developed by UOL and UIC unsold flats at the selling of Balance Flats (SBF) drills will be provided directly to buyers to get receptive booking.

“This will make it possible for home-seekers with desperate needs to get apartments quickly,” he said through his Committee of Supply debate address.

Helping Home Buyers To Get Unselected Flats Faster

Formerly, unsold apartments in SBF exercises are offered via the ROF exercises. If these apartments stay unselected, they’ll be made available for open booking.

Together with the elimination of ROF exercises, the majority of the unselected apartments from SBF exercises will then be offered directly through receptive booking.

“Effectively, with this shift, there’ll be three major methods of requesting a HDB flat. It’s possible to go for BTO apartments, new apartments, which is published four times each year; you are able to apply to get a balance apartment which is set out two times annually; or you’ll be able to opt for open booking and employ online at just about any time of year.”

The shift is part of the a variety of steps introduced by Wong to make home more available and to better encourage Singaporeans’ varied housing requirements.

More Steps To Assist Unwed Parents, Improvements Into Silver Housing Bonus
Aside from the elimination of ROF drills, the MND also announced steps to encourage unwed parents, that are now permitted to purchase a two-room Flexi apartment or three-room apartment within non-mature home or a resale flat when qualified. People who are unable to afford to buy a flat will be considered for public rental apartment.

The Silver Home Bonus (SHB) are also simplified and improved in three ways,” said Wong.

To begin with, the need for seniors to market a bigger apartment will be taken off. Irrespective of the level kind they market, seniors are able to apply to your SHB provided that they buy a three-room or smaller apartment, and get some proceeds from the transfer.

“Next, to obtain the SHB, seniors need to top up some profits in their transfer into their CPF Retirement Account. This is to make sure they have sufficient savings for retirement. The top-up essential now is dependent upon their net sale proceeds, and we’ll simplify this, for example seniors just have to top up the initial $60,000 of the profits.”

Thus, seniors will receive $1 in money bonus for every $2 paychecks for their CPF Retirement Account.

In light of the increase in SHB, the highest Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS) bonus will also be increased to $30,000.

And given that the positive comments received because of its assisted living notion (home incorporated with maintenance providers ), HDB will continue to start the new apartment typology within Bukit Batok that this May, together with the pilot development comprising 160 units.

Measuring about 32 sq m, the cube is going to be equipped with large communal spaces on each ground, so that citizens may collect with their neighbors handily. These apartments will include senior-friendly fittings, bigger bathrooms in addition to some other attributes to accommodate people with mobility requirements.

“More information will be shared in the coming weeks, such as the revenue requirements, indicative flat rates, and payment choices,” explained Wong.