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Ascott Residence revenue went down 16% to $208.5m over the same period during the pandemic

The present owner, who just wishes to be understood by his original name, Johan, is a permanent resident and also a lover of Elvis Presley for 32 decades. At one stage, the family couch on the next level of this home needed a tribute wall filled with views of this “King of Rock”.

The entire home — the living, dining room and outside terrace, in addition to rooms upstairs — continues to be custom-installed using B&O ceiling-mounted speakers, that can be attached to the exact same audio system. “We’ve 12 B&O loudspeakers across the home and at one stage, five TV sets around the home,” says Johan.

They took a train ride to the 79-year-old railroad between Singapore and Malaysia before it was decommissioned in July that year, after the historical property swap deal involving the two nations in 2010.

The train journey was important for the few for one more reason: the former railroad ran beyond the couple’s house in Holland Green. “We wanted to find the home from the train until they shut the railroad,” says Johan.

The couple called their new house Casa White Haven for a number of reasons. The first is that the simple fact that”Casa” is dwelling in Italian. “I am a huge fan of Italy — the style, the meals and the automobiles,” says Johan. “It is our favorite travel destination and that I have a relative who resides there.” The”White” reflects the outside of the home, that was painted white. “`Haven’ is a location where you are able to feel secure,” he adds.

Along with the title “Whitehaven” originated by a Colonel Francis White, an early settler and significant land owner in Tennessee. He was stated to be powerful in obtaining a railroad to run through what had been called White’s Station, and afterwards, Whitehaven.

For Johan, the title “Whitehaven” is important not simply because it had been Elvis’ home district, however, the URL to the old railroad station. After their residence in Holland Green overlooks the Rail Corridor.

The prior 24km Rail Corridor was turned into a green corridor. Additionally, the 800m stretch of Bukit Timah First Diversion Canal separating their residence in Holland Green in the Rail Corridor was widened and updated by the PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, as a part of their Lively, Beautiful, sterile (ABC) Waters job. The surroundings around it’s also been improved, including a waterfall and a new playground, the Holland Green Linear Park fronting the canal.

“It’s become a gorgeous playground, particularly with the improvement of the diversion canal. The Rail Corridor is now an wonderful green corridor for walking, biking and running.”

Each area on the second and third degree of Casa White Haven includes a view of the canal and the playground. Adjacent for their residence is your Holland Green Playground, a neighbourhood park which has been updated by NParks. “They updated everything — in the chairs into the exercise gear, the playground for kids as well as the walking trails,” says Johan. “Living here is like getting your very own park, and you also do not need to keep it.”

There’s a side-gate in their residence that leads right to the park. “With the playground there’s really convenient,” says Rose. “My helper could bring my daughter to play with and that I did not need to be worried about their security.”

Additionally, Johan along with Rose’s house has the extra benefit of being situated in the cul-de-sac of a quiet road with only 53 detached homes. The whole housing improvement by CapitaLand is named Holland Green, and has been finished in 1998.

Fully remodeled home

After Johan and Rose purchased their land at Holland Green at 2011, the prior owner had undertaken extensive renovations into the insides as well as the outside in 2004. This included removing a few walls to the first level of the home to make a seamless relationship between the dining and living locations.

Linking both regions of the home is a corridor with glass doors leading into a landscaped, wood decked terrace on both sides, and a powder room and outside shower on the opposite side. The swimming pool and pool deck in the terrace was turned into a landscaped backyard with a reflective pool.

Large sliding glass doors in the living area lead into the terrace too. What annoys Johan, nevertheless, was the flat slim window having a view of the car porch. “If you are sitting on the couch in the living space, you are able to look out in the cars.

While Johan appreciated the opinion of his automobiles, Rose chosen to look out in the greenery. “My favorite place was towards the perspective of the greenery and the skies, and we can hear the noise of the running water in the canal,” she states. In the evenings, the couple would sit in the terrace overlooking the water feature and landscaped backyard, together with the greenery past the wall. “He’d be smoking his cigars and also the songs could be around,” says Rose.

The home has also been constructed with ample storage area, hidden behind black panelling along the walls along the corridor joining the dining and living area and in the arid kitchen.

On the next degree is a research with full-height dividers to catch the perspectives of their outside greenery along with the canal. There’s a balcony joining the research and master bedroom. The analysis has its own en suite bath and wardrobe, therefore it can readily be utilized as a bedroom. The master bedroom includes 17m panelling that hides ample storage area for clothing, handbags, shoes, linen as well as suitcases. The panelling also hides the entry to the master bath, with a skylight and can be open to normal ventilation — it’s spacious and includes a bath tub, shower , a lengthy vanity shirt with his and hers closets, in addition to water cupboard.

The next level has a family room with an attached toilet. It could be included to make a bedroom with an adjoining study. There’s a separate bedroom on the next degree, with en suite bath and built-in cabinetry. Aside from the windows, skylight and glass sliding doors that bring natural light to the insides, another attraction for the few was the ceiling.

Timeless design

Johan also enjoyed the fact that if they purchased the home it was remodeled. “I did not need the frustration of managing contractors,” says Johan. He enjoys the classic design:”I am Swedish, and I enjoy this type of classic layout since it’s something which will endure over time,” he adds.

The builder engaged by the last owner, Terence Chan of Studio Terre, had made the insides it is flexible to suit various lifestyles. The prior owner, for example, was a property attorney who wanted the home to be designed because his”bachelor pad”. In addition, he desired room to amuse. Therefore, the seamless link between the indoor and outdoor places.

For Johan and Rose, they desired a family home since they simply had a three-month-old infant girl once they purchased the home. However, it satisfied their demands even without them needing to tackle some renovation, except that the setup of Johan’s B&O audio system and speakers. “The intriguing thing about the house is that it matches a whole lot of different folks,” says Johan.

Larger families that desire more bedrooms may quickly convert the household lounge on the next degree into a fourth bedroom.

Having lived in Casa White Haven for approximately six Decades, Johan and Rose have moved into the Dunearn Road Region. “I wished to have the ability to walk to school in the evenings,” she states. “If we’d continued to reside at Holland Green, I’d have needed to push and handle the traffic.”

The home was tenanted because — formerly into a Irish expatriate, and to some Dutch expatriate family. The present monthly lease fee is $12,500, which is nearly a 30% premium to the average leasing rate of additional detached homes at Holland Green which were leased within the previous two decades, from May 2018 to May 2020, based on Nancy Tey, senior associate vice president of Listing Sotheby’s International Realty.

Just as Johan and Rose adore Casa White Haven (and even made a site for this ), they’ve opted to place it to the industry. “I wish to spend in my own organization. That is why I am selling the home.”

‘Half the cost of a freehold bungalow from the Holland area’

Dependent on the land area of 4,405 sq feet, the cost translates into $1,221 psf. But if it’s founded on the built-up field of the four-bedroom home, that has a floor area of 4,715 sq feet, it’s roughly $1,141 psf. This is a superior into the overall bungalow rental return, which is approximately 1% to 1.5% now, quotes Tey. “Bungalows in Holland Green who have never been renovated will control lower rental returns,” she adds.

The homes on Holland Green have 99-year rentals from 1995, so that they have a balance of 74 years left in their leases. “The transacted costs reflect their 99-year leasehold tenure,” states Tey.

From the Holland Road area, freehold detached homes are bringing over twice the asking price of Casa White Haven in Holland Green. As an example, a recently completed, detached home sitting on a 6,103 sq feet, 947-year leasehold website along Holland Road was offered for $12.38 million ($2,028 psf) in February this year.

“It’s premium facing views of greenery,” states Tey. “It’ll appeal to people who wish to be near a prime District 10 address.”

Johan adds:”We would not have purchased any other home on Holland Green. We picked this home due to its place, the contemporary interiors as the home was upgraded, and it’s the only one alongside the playground and also with these views of the park”