Location Map of Clavon Clementi Ave 1

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History About Clementi

Clementi is situated on the west side of Singapore. The region borders Bukit Timah to the northeast, Bukit Batok to the north, Jurong East to the west and Queenstown to the northeast. According to most historians, Clementi got its name from the first British High Commissioner of the Straits Settlement called Sir Cecil Clementi Smith. But others claim that it got its name from Sir Cecil Clementi who was a Governor of the Straits Settlement and who started the development of Kallang Airport.

The place where the vibrant Clementi town is sited today used to be a military camp called Colombo Camp. It was later demolished in 1975 following the disbanding of the regiment. After the demolition, the development of Clementi New Town by HDB started.

The area around today’s Clementi Avenue 1 used to be an estate, Sussex Estate, in the mid-1950s. Families of senior British non-commissioned officers lived in the estate. It was later demolished in 1997 to pave the way for new developments.

The decommissioned steel truss railway bridge in the region used to be part of the railway line connecting Malaysia and Jurong. The railway was operational from 1966 up to the beginning of the 1990s. Today, the railway tracks are suitable for photography and is an attraction to nature enthusiasts who like spending time there.

Today, whenever the name Clementi pops up, most people tend to think about the National University of Singapore (NUS) found here. But what most people don’t know is that Clementi has a lot to offer apart from the large NUS campus in the neighbourhood. Clementi is not just suitable area for studying. It has several other incredible places around.

Clementi is a famous residential area that many homebuyers like because of the advanced transportation system and easy access to amenities. All though it has many things to offer, the neighbourhood is still evolving. This explains why it’s hard to discuss the growth story of Singapore without appreciating the contributions of Clementi.

More exciting things that will make Clementi more livable are in play. The mature estate is continually improving what it offers to match the current needs of the residents. Some of the upcoming projects in Clementi include the Cross-Island Line that boosts connectivity in the region.

The development of nearby Jurong Lake District will allow Clementi to enjoy the benefits of staying close to Singapore’s second CBD. Besides, one-north also continues to launch developments and innovations that spill to Clementi, making it more appealing.

If you are looking forward to living in an exciting neighbourhood, then the Clementi area won’t disappoint. More residential developments, including Clavon at Clementi Avenue 1 will allow investors and homebuyers to enjoy what the neighbourhood offers.