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Singapore saw complete auction listings leap 34% year-on-year into a brand new high of 1,458 listings in 2019 as both operator listings and mortgagee listings enrolled strong gains, shown Colliers International.

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The amount of listings rose round the board, together with residential properties resulting with 798 listings.

In reality, the residential business composed 57.5% of their entire mortgagee sale listings in 432.

“We consider the higher mortgage payments because of increasing interest rates throughout 2015-2019, combined with a dim residential leasing market, have led to the rise in residential mortgagee sale listings,” said Tricia Song, Head of Research for Singapore in Colliers International.

“Personal circumstances like loss of occupation or insolvency could also have contributed to greater defaults. Post cooling steps in July 2018we believe possibly more desperate owners were not able to eliminate possessions fast enough and might have defaulted on their loans.”

Regardless of the increase in market listings, the amount of properties sold at auctions fell 40% year-on-year to 21 from 2019 from 35 at 2018.

Steven Tan, Senior Director of Capital Markets in Colliers International, said the declining success rate reflected the continuing price gap between sellers and buyers.

In addition, he noticed that only eight from 21 of those properties sold throughout auctions were transacted over their opening costs, suggesting that buyers nevertheless took a cautious stance during stocks, while sellers continue to hold onto costs.

“It might also be a situation of buyers requiring additional time before taking the plunge, which led in certain earnings being performed after auction excursions — those earnings aren’t represented in the data collection beneath successful auction earnings,” he added.

Looking forward, Colliers Research anticipates that year’s total listings to increase 10% as”more possessions are set up for sale amid an uncertain environment, especially in light of the possible financial effect if the COVID-19 outbreak gets protracted”.